I met a boy once and this is his story;

He was in high school, about to graduate.  He was a good student. He had to be.  He wanted a life different to what he had, a better one, and he knew that only his education and his strength to continue will get him there.

But one day his father got arrested for smuggling drugs.  I would very much like his story to end there, but it doesn’t.

He was forced to carry out and finish what his father was unable to do.  He had hoped that it would end after carrying out one deed, but the “Hands” behind the smuggling had different plans for him. Thus, he continued to smuggle drugs just out of the fear of coming home to a dead mother and a raped sister.

His story ends when he get caught in 2011 and is sentenced to imprisonment in Walikada; where I met him.

True story?

Yes. It’s the true story of thousands of boys in Sri Lanka.




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