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Are They Like Me?

You would disagree.  Afterall, you wouldn’t smuggle drugs. You don’t even take them. You would think, “Why can’t they just be good people?”.

You see, it’s not that easy.

You and me have dreams. And we know how to achieve them. For us, it’s just a matter of time.

But there are some people out there who does not have the power decide what they want to today, tomorrow, or their whole life.

You and me, fortunately, were born into a family that fussed about us every living minute. We had parents who looked at us in awe and love when we took our first baby steps. From that point onward we were encouraged to believe in our selves and do what we want and we were constantly praised when we achieve a minuscule task.

Sri Lanka is a third-world country with high rate poverty stricken, unemployed families. Children of these families are born into poverty and grows up witnessing and forming only according to their surrounding. They are not brought up with love and security. In their community it’s  constant struggle of securing yourself, no matter how old you are.

To a person in such a closed in, corrupted environment, the golden ticket “Drug Lords” throw their way in the form of  a job or a house in Colombo is a big opprtunity. Their chance at a dream.

It does not take alot to teach them morals not accepted by the society because they do not have anyone else to teach them better.

Thus, a person grown up with a life of struggle in such a community cannot be thrown into a jail to be transformed in to a calm model citizen. He spend all his life brainwashed and abused only to be thrown into a jail to completely strip him of his dignity.

Give them a chance at a new life, a skill to grab other opportunities. Show them the side of the community they have not seen.